Meditation Class


Developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn,  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is considered the gold standard in Stress Reduction. MBSR is an intensive 8 week training in mindfulness practice designed to reduce the negative impact of stress and stress related symptoms on your mind, body and life. MBSR is designed for people who are managing chronic pain, serious illness, burnout, and anxiety/depression. 

I offer MBSR in collaboration with organizations (yoga studios, work-groups, wellness centers etc.) whose participants might benefit from an intensive mindfulness intervention. 

Next MBSR Class offered in collaboration with NE Wellness - in person or online, starts May 3, 2022

What is MBSR? 

In this deep dive into learning and building a mindfulness practice, we meet for 2 hours each week for 8 weeks; between weeks 7 and 8, we spend a full day (9am - 4pm) practicing together.  Each 2 hour session includes practice, inquiry, reflection and didactic learning.


Between our meetings, participants are encouraged to spend 30-45m per day engaging the formal and informal practices you learned that week.

Week 1 - Attention

How we pay attention has as much of an impact on our experience as where we put our attention - this week, we begin to get to know what we pay attention to and how by practicing the Body Scan meditation 

Week 4 - Stress

We take a deep dive into the physiology of stress and reactivity. We come to know stress as an automatic, conditioned, embodied response that we just might be able to notice and interrupt.


Between weeks 6 and 7, we spend a full day (9am - 4pm) in silent practice. You invited to turn inward and be led seamlessly from one practice to the next to explore your own inner landscape.

Week 2 - Perception

We begin to explore and uncover habitual patterns in the way we pay attention, and learn to use the breath as an anchor to the present moment.

Week 5 - Response

Learn to extend the pause between stimulus and response and experience some freedom from habitual reactions as you begin to notice thoughts as "just thoughts". 

Week 7- Compassion

We practice bringing kindness to ourselves and our everyday experiences with Metta Mediation and reflection on the role of self compassion in healing and pain relief for both individuals and communities. 

Week 3 - Movement

Just like the mind can hold on to automatic habits and patterns, so can the body. In class 3, we observe our reactions to the body in motion with an introduction to gentle Hatha yoga and walking meditation 

Week 6 - Communication

This week we explore stress and response inside of relationships, continue to observe thoughts as "just thoughts" and develop and strengthen concentration and focus. 

Week 8- Integration

In our final class, we discuss ongoing practice, support and resources to continue experiencing relief, healing and joy in real life, right now. 

Next MBSR Class offered in collaboration with NE Wellness - in person or online, starts May 3, 2022

Next MBSR Class offered in collaboration with NE Wellness - in person or online, starts May 3, 2022