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Meet Colette

At the crossroads of Mindfulness and Real Life

I bring humility and compassion to my work at the crossroads of Mindfulness and Real Life in an effort to honor the depth and commonality of our human existence. 

My approach to teaching Mindfulness is grounded in professional training as an MBSR instruction as well as in Public Health, Organizational Management and Intercultural Development. I also draw heavily on my 20+ year personal mindfulness practice that I've applied while navigating my own REAL LIFE: single motherhood, chronic autoimmune illness, entrepreneurship, marriage, divorce and loss.


I am experienced and trained in Trauma Aware, Resilience Oriented Practice and Embodied Social Justice, previously worked for many years developing cross-cultural community health programs, and am the mother of a multi-racial son.  


Through all of this, I have worked extensively with examining and uprooting my own biases and relationship to power and privilege, and is called to guide others in navigating their own journeys towards transforming and healing themselves and systems of oppression.

Colette DeHarpporte holds an MA in Organizational Management, BS in Public Health is a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor, RYT200 and Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator.

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