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Working from Home

FREE Mindfulness Practice Resources
For You!

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

for FREE Now!

As both a guide and a fellow traveler on this journey, I’ve experienced firsthand the impact that mindfulness can have in complex, messy, real-life situations. 


But listening to me talk about it won’t do much for you. The deep and profound benefits of mindfulness can only be achieved with practice.


I invite you to bring mindfulness into your real life with one of the free resources below.

Mudra Meditation

Sometimes you Just Need to Hit Pause

Join me each week for a FREE, live, guided sit 

Wednesdays 12pm - 12:20pm CST

Just Hit the 

Calm Woman

Need some help getting started? 

Join the FREE
5-day Mindfulness Reset
for self-care to combat burnout
and compassion- fatigue 

Couple Meditating

Practice Library

Practice anytime, anywhere with our library of FREE downloadable meditation and yoga practices. 

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