Resilience, Freedom, Joy

Mindfulness training and practice cultivate self awareness, self-care and self regulation; it's the antidote to temptation, self-criticism and stress.


In addition to qualification as an MBSR instructor through UCSD Center for Mindfulness, I bring a background in public health, interdisciplinary education and entrepreneurship to sharing mindfulness practice.   I was introduced to mindfulness over 25 years ago and it transformed my experience of stress and supported me through single parenting, physical illness and building a business. I bring humor and humility to teaching as we honor the depth and commonality of our human existence.

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In the age of quick fix apps and feel good social media memes, it's easy to miss how powerful, profound and challenging it is to sit down with your own body and mind to reclaim your resilience, freedom and joy.  While cultivating a mindfulness practice is simple, it's never easy. The courses I offer provide structure, training and support for real people, leading real lives.


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