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Resilience Lab

Resilience is often misunderstood as a quality of character - or something that requires you to be a superhuman, defined by grit and endurance.  Actually - resilience is about developing the capacity to honor our deepest needs for rest, connection and space so that we can powerfully re-engage our work, our relationships and our lives.

Whether you're a small business owner,  the leader of a mission driven organization or just looking to reignite your spark - join a class on our schedule, or contact us to bring a training directly to you and your staff in person or live online. 

What is the Resilience Lab?

Six weekly, 90m gatherings to learn, practice and reflect on accessible Meditation and Gentle Yoga practices that support rest and rejuvenation so you can recover your vitality, focus and joy. We'll also learn and practice brief, in the moment strategies for managing stress as it lives in the body in real time, as it happens. Between sessions, you are encouraged to practice on your own for 15-30 minutes daily.

Week 1 - Arrive

This is the hardest part. We know we need to slow down to recharge, but both the habit and the culture override what we know. Together, we'll practice the pause, the first, most essential step, to arrive in the body, the only home we really need.

Week 4 - Breathe

The breath is a subtle, but powerful and ever available force that can be used to settle or generate energy. We'll explore gentle breathing practices to lift us out of a dark mood or settle and anxious mind and body. 

Week 2 - Notice 

As we turn the attention inwards to notice our inner landscape, we get a glimpse of habitual patterns that leave us reactive, exhausted and overwhelmed, and learn practices to begin to reset our battered nervous systems immediately and over the long term.

Week 5- Compassion

Deeply healing, profoundly expansive, compassion begins with taking care of our selves. We'll take self-care off the TO DO list with gentle restorative poses and metta meditation so you can navigate your life as someone who truly loves themself.

Week 3 - Balance

What is balance? How do you know when you're balanced? Is that really balance? Balance is not a static state, but an exquisite dynamic. Using movement and mind, we'll explore the wobbling, stabilizing forces of balance so you can stop straining and start soaring. 

Week 6- Let Go

I lied; letting go is even harder than arriving - but its the sweetest fruit of practice. Somewhere between clinging and craving there is a magic release that leaves us fully engaged and completely unattached to outcome, otherwise known as bliss. Let's go there. 

Resilience Lab

6 Monday Mornings

8am - 10:30am

January 9 - February 13