Mind Your Biz! 

Refresh & reframe your relationship to your business and life. This 6 week class teaches you powerful mindfulness practices for managing the anxiety, pressure, and overwhelm that sometimes accompany entrepreneurship and leadership. 



You don't have to sacrifice peace for performance. You can have both. 

Pressure &


Does your buisness have you or do you have your business? Let's put you in control.



Finally put the voice in your head to rest - learn to reflect rather than ruminate. 

Fear &


Habitual reactions to stress are challenging to overcome - mindfulness is the key

What if I told you that your relationship to your business is at least as stressful as the actuality of running your business? We're just people, and we bring our stuff right into the business, often making things much more difficult for ourselves and others than it needs to be. 

This 6 week, highly experiential class includes on the go mindfulness practices, an introduction to sitting and walking meditation, and mindful movement to reframe and refresh the way you experience being yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur. 

We'll meet for 90 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks to go beyond tips and tricks. You will learn, practice & develop skills and habits that literally re-wire your mind and body for to better manage anxiety, pressure, overwhelm, self-criticism, fear and avoidance. 


And, to ensure that you leave with a commitment to the ongoing mindfulness practice, you'll be invited to LIVE daily practice sessions and offered guided practices if you can't make it to any of the live sessions. 

You've read the articles, you've heard from the experts and it's clear you're in your own way...

And perhaps you've realized that no amount of willpower or inspiration can match structure, support and practice as you do the heavy lifting of training

your mind to let go and enjoy the life you have. 

Take the Mind Your Biz class and see what practice can do for you and your business. 

Next Class 

Tuesdays 9am - 10:30am CST October 20 - November 24


OPTIONAL live sit 8-8:30am Daily


Investment: $325

Week 1 - Fundamentals

What is mindfulness and why does it matter? 

This week, we'll unpack the definition, start practicing and learn a bit about our most precious resource for life and business, our attention. Where and how you spend it makes all the difference and learning to manage it actually takes effort and practice. 

Week 2 -Pressure

Pressure, we all feel it. Sometimes there is not much we can do about the pressure that's coming from outside, but with practice and a little bit of levity, we can discover how much pressure we add to situations and start to take the lid off just a bit to free up much needed energy and creativity. 

Week 3 - Stress Reactions

Stress is a universal human experience that's embedded in our physiology. This week, we'll look at our own unique stress reactions and habitual ways of reacting to the particular stressors in our lives and businesses. Simply bringing awareness to these hidden patterns begins to uproot them and put YOU back in the driver's seat. 

Week 4 - Resilience

Resilience has much more with learning to recover from stress than it does with controlling or suppressing it. And that's good news. This week, we'll continue learning and practicing our mind training as we build the "muscle" required to bounce back after a jolt or a setback. 

Week 5 - Silence the Inner Critic

Mindfulness is as much about the quality of attention we bring to life as it is about where we place the attention. This week we begin to see that the qualities of mind we seek, presence, joy, ease, etc. exist only in the here and now. Stress now never leads to peace later. We'll introduce and practice compassion meditations as we work on silencing our inner critic. 

Week 6 - Gratitude and Joy

As you come to the end of our 6 weeks together, you'll take stock of the ground taken, acknowledge work yet to come and rest inside a more expansive sense of yourself and your relationship to the stresses in your life and business. 

What People Say

Colette offers a highly relational, calm experience filled with humor and love for our shared humanity.


Orthopedic Surgeon

I became kinder to myself, more patient with my kids, and grateful for all of the big and small wonders in my life.

Heidi, Attorney

Instead of muscling through with sheer willpower, I simply notice impulses and am just fine. 


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Katrina, Entrepreneur