Wellness Coach

For mind & body

The mind and body are already connected - mind/body care simply holds the space and time to become aware of that connection.

  From awareness, the capacity for rest, rejuvenation and, ultimately, reengagement naturally emerge. 


Meditation Class


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - is an 8 week deep dive into evidence based mindfulness based practices that help supports healing, pain relief and recovery. 

Support Group

Customized Courses & Workshops

"There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground" ~Rumi

I'll help you or your organization find the one that's right for you! 



A a day of silence invites you to pause and go inward  to enjoy being held and led seamlessly from one practice to another.

Happy Portrait

Resilience Lab

Resilience training empowers you to know when and how to rest well,  so that you can re-engage and contribute to the world with vitality, focus and joy!