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Wellness Coach

Mindfulness in Real Life

Mindfulness is an astonishingly powerful and deceptively simple practice. Easy to understand, difficult to do and even more challenging to integrate and put to work in your Real Life. 

Our trainings are led by a qualified, experienced practicing teacher who can help you learn, develop integrate and apply your Mindfulness Practice to what matters most to you in your 


Mindfulness Training for Real Life 

The Practice of Mindfulness offers a transformation that transcends a new understanding. It is an embodied approach to activating healing, building resilience and developing deep compassion for our selves and each other. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction  (MBSR)

Stress plays a major role in the development, progression and severity of chronic or autoimmune illness. 


MBSR is an evidence based 8 week training to reduce the impact of stress on serious illness and/or chronic pain. Mindfulness practice allows you to relate to discomfort, fatigue and fear, with acceptance, curiosity and compassion, reduces suffering, and opens the door to your body's own innate ability to heal itself.  

Resilience Training for 


"The times are urgent, therefore, we must slow down."

~Bayo Akomolafe

This 10 week course guides DEI professionals, Social Impact Leaders and Coaches in building and developing their own personal Resilience Practice by way of the Resilience Process:

Rest, Regulate,

Re-Frame and Re-Emerge      so that you embody the resilience you are working to activate in people, organizations and systems.

Mindfulness Based

Cultural Fluency

To become culturally fluent, we must leave the realm of knowledge and enter the realm of embodied experience. 

Mindfulness Practice is a powerful way to develop the skills required for Cultural Fluency: self-awareness, full presence, compassion, perspective taking, introspection and reflection. This 8 week course grounds you in the practices that support the fierce and delicate work of developing a deeply embodied capacity for cultural fluency.

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