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A Practice of Generosity

In keeping with the idea that the most powerful way to practice is in our everyday, real lives, it is exciting to be able to offer this courses within a Dana practice.

While many organizations generously offer a sliding scale, or a donation-only structure for payment, Dana is something a little different. Rooted in Buddhism, Dana is a powerful spiritual practice that invites us to explore the dynamic between giving and receiving.

Dana begins with giving – something freely offered (a mindfulness course, in this case). This is a true offer, free of expectations and made in the spirit of generosity.  Distinct from an offer “for free”, this offer is not stripped of its value, it is simply offered freely.

The recipient is encouraged to fully receive the offering, free of guilt, expectation or other burden. Once fully received, the recipient is invited to inquire into any experience of generosity in the mind and body. They are then invited to act from a place of generosity, offering what leads to an expanded sense of peace and freedom without wondering what the gift was “worth” in objective terms.

Especially during this challenging time, when we are not only facing enormous personal challenges in the area of money and finance, but many of us are heartbroken by the profound failure of our current economic system to care for us and those we love, it feels important to try something different. It may feel uncomfortable to not see a sliding scale or suggested donation amount and that’s just fine. If you’re willing – simply lean into that discomfort, bring it with you to the class, and see what emerges.

Your considerable time, and
generous participation are received as gifts, as is any financial contribution you choose to make. 


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