Mindful DEI

While Mindfulness is a wonderful practice for self-care - it's potential contribution to the work of creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures goes well beyond helping people cope with and manage the stress inherent in both the lack of DEI and the work towards DEI. 

  • Burnout prevention and stress relief for staff, leadership, or workgroup with customized mindfulness training. 

  • Beyond a lecture or presentation, our trainings are practice based and highly experiential. 

  • From three 45 minute sessions to 8-week courses and full day retreats - we can fit your goals, budget and timeframe. 

In order to build truly Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive workplaces, we must all first acknowledge and disrupt the deeply rooted patterns of awareness that uphold the systems and structures that leave so many of us feeling  undervalued, unsafe and exhausted. 

Mindful of DEI Trainings