Mindfulness Courses

In the age of quick fix apps and feel good social media memes, it's easy to miss how powerful, profound and challenging it is to sit down with your own body and mind to reclaim your resilience, freedom and joy.  While cultivating a mindfulness practice is simple, it's never easy. Each of these courses provide structure, training and support for real people, leading real lives.

Stressed Woman


This 8 week course is the gold standard in mindfulness based stress reduction courses, designed for anyone looking to reduce the impact of chronic pain, illness and burnout on their mind and body. 


Social Meditation

Mindfulness does not have to be a solitary practice! This unique approach invites singles and couples to learn the art of social meditation for presence, ease and joy. 

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Mind Your Biz

Refresh & reframe your relationship to your business. This 6 week class teaches you mindfulness practices for managing the anxiety, fear and overwhelm that sometimes accompany entrepreneurship. 


The Nerve

Take a deep dive into the nervous system with 6 weeks of yoga and meditation practices designed specifically to soothe and calm the nervous system.

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Digital Mind


Why just survive when you can thrive? This 6 week class teaches you to harness mindfulness practices for creativity, prosperity and growth. 


Love Class

Love - in all it's many forms, really does start with you. This 4 week class offered only in February takes you straight to your heart and sends love out into the world. 

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