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 Your 5-Day Mindfulness Reset

Access all Five of  your Mindfulness Reset Lessons and Practices

Anytime, Anywhere, all in One Place, Right Here! 

Lay the groundwork with an understanding of mindfulness and a brief meditation to reveal insights into your mental, physical and emotional landscape.

Simply Aware:
Replenish your mental resources by connecting with your 5 senses, allowing the body to relax and thoughts to settle.

Body Scan Meditation:
Befriend the body you have right now to unlock it's healing potential. 

Learn how to transition from distress to compassion, feeling the transformative impact on your mental and emotional states.  

The Power of Breath:
Uncover the profound link between your breath and your nervous system, equipping you with on-the-spot techniques to either energize or soothe yourself.

Mindfulness in Real Life:
Establish a 'mindful anchor,' a personalized practice to seamlessly weave mindfulness into the fabric of your daily life.

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